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“Fruits of the Sprit” Charity Concert
Because We Care Presents
A benefit Jazz Jam session “LIGHTS of HOPE”
2:00-5:00 pm
Sunday, January 8, 2012
at the Franciscan Chapel Center
Happy New Year to all! In behalf of Because We Care, we thank you for joining us to help support our cause. Many musicians have come to share their gifts with us today united with one common goal, in the spirit of love and service. This benefit is our way of expressing our sympathy and solidarity with the victims and their families. The donations are intended for the victims of typhoon WASHI (Sendong) which hit the Philippines on 16 December 2011, and has resulted in 1,453 deaths and 4,594 injuries (as of 27 December 2011). The total number of population affected has reached 113,336 families or 719,485 persons.
Yours Sincerely,
Charito - Founder, Because We Care


Opening Greetings:Fr. Russell
ご挨拶: ラッセル神父

*MC:Charito Co-MC:Mariko Maeda

Short talk about Mindanao disaster:Job Wahiman

Toru Tsuzuki (piano)/Satoshi Kosugi (bass)/Hiroshi Kagawa (bass)/
Makoto Rikitake (drums)/Yoshitaka Kanno (guitar)/Seiji Harakawa (saxophone)/
Junko Hirayama (saxophone)
続木 徹(ピアノ)/小杉 敏(ベース)/香川裕史(ベース)/力武 誠(ドラム)/

Margarita (vocal) マルガリータ(ヴォーカル)

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (piano)/Ken Kaneko (bass)/Shunsuke Umino (drums)/
Tokuhiro Doi (clarinet)/Seiji Harakawa (saxophone)
山本 剛(ピアノ)/金子 健(ベース)/海野俊輔(ドラム)/

The Voice Club (Chorus) ザ ヴォイス クラブ(コーラス)

Kiichi Futamura (piano)/Teiji Sasaki (bass)/Gene Shigemura (drums)/
Yoshitaka Kanno (guitar)/Ryoji Ihara (saxophone)

Ramona (vocal) ラモーナ(ヴォーカル)

FMAJ BAND (Filipino Music Artists in Japan)
エフエムエージェー バンド(フィリピン ミュージック アーティスツ イン ジャパン)

SUITE VOICE (Chorus) スイート ヴォイス(コーラス)

Yoshitaka Kanno (guitar) /Teiji Sasaki (bass) /Makoto Rikitake (drums) /
Tokuhiro Doi (clarinet)/Junko Hirayama (saxophone)
菅野義孝(ギター)/佐々木悌二(ベース)/力武 誠(ドラム)/

CHILL TIME COMMUNITY (choir) チル タイム コミュニティー(クワイヤー)

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (piano) /Ken Kaneko (bass) /Gene Shigemura (drums) /
Yoshitaka Kanno (guitar) /Ryoji Ihara (saxophone)
山本 剛(ピアノ)/金子 健(ベース)/ジーン重村(ドラム)/

Charito (vocal) チャリート(ヴォーカル)

CLOSING/FINALE: “Heal The World” w/ ALL choruses
フィナーレ:“ヒールザ ワールド”合唱

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